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How FSBO Marketing Solutions Helps You Sell Your Home Without Paying Expensive Realtors

How FSBO Marketing SolutionsHow FSBO Marketing Solutions gives FSBO sellers more tools to sell their home than a realtor is simple. FSBO Marketing Solutions associates are former mortgage bankers and real estate investors. We have also successfully marketed our company using exclusively internet marketing. 

In other words, we know what works and what doesn’t work.

Real estate listing agents will have you sign the listing agreement and then disappear. Only to show up at the closing to collect their commission check with some cheap appreciation gift they bought at a dollar store on the way to the closing. Unlike them, we constantly monitor your traffic and tweak the marketing plan accordingly. We do this to help you sell your home faster. We may not bring you a cheap appreciation gift but we will help you sell your home and put extra money in your pocket.

How FSBO Marketing Solutions gives FSBO sellers more tools than real estate brokers: 

  • FSBO Marketing Solutions will help you list your home on your local MLS Service.
  • We hire experienced real estate photographers to take quality pictures and videos. 
  • In addition, we have access to experienced drone operators who can take professional aerial video and photos of your property.
  • We will also place your property on all major real estate websites including Zillow,, Compass and others.
  • In addition, we will market your property on social media using platforms like Facebook, Google Business, Instagram and YouTube that connect you with potential buyers.
  • We also create a dedicated websites for your home that is easy to find on the internet.
  • Our associates will also refer you to title agencies and real estate attorneys in your area to assist with the closing*

All of this puts the freedom of selling of your home in your hands and on your terms! Plus, we can help you do this for a fraction of what realtors will charge you for doing 90 minutes of work. We have even helped our clients receive competing offers. These competing offers have helped them sell their home for more than their asking price.

Contact us today to learn more about we can help you. Call 888.497.2375 today to learn more about our programs.

*These fees are 3rd party fees that are deducted from the sales price at closing. FSBO Marketing Solutions has no control over the cost of these services.