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Canadian Developer Benoit Dumoulin Plans To Tear Down $12.5 Million Fort Lauderdale Home He Just Purchased

Canadian Real Estate DeveloperSouth Florida Business Journal is reporting that Canadian developer Benoit Dumoulin has acquired a home in Fort Lauderdale for $12.5 million. The Quebec-based realtor plans to tear it down and build a mansion.

Klairmont Kollections NFP based out of Chicago sold the 6,269-square-foot home at 2500 Lucille Drive. The Chicago-based nonprofit is managed by Alfred M. Klairmont. Klairmont is the CEO of Imperial Realty Co., 

Dumoulin bought the property through his corporation, Benoit Dumoulin LP. Benoit Dumoulin LP is based in Saint-Eustache, Quebec. This is also the same address as homebuilder Gestion Benoit Dumoulin. Gestion Benoit Dumoulin is also known as GBD Construction.

Coldwell Banker broker Joseph Beltrand, who represented Dumoulin in the deal. He also confirmed that Dumoulin bought the site to build a home for his personal use. The seller worked with Shai Mashiach, also of Coldwell Banker.

The home was was sold in June when Klairmont deeded it to the nonprofit for a nominal consideration of $10.

Klairmont died in August at 94. 

Canadian Developer Loves Fort Lauderdale

Canadian Real Estate DeveloperDumoulin has also owned several properties in Fort Lauderdale for many years. As a result, he decided to spend more time in Florida due to Covid-19. Thus, he also wanted a larger home.

Beltrand also told the Business Journal:

He will make his major vacation destination in Fort Lauderdale. If he’s going to spend so much time in Fort Lauderdale, he should make a bigger house.

Dumoulin is currently in discussions with a local architect about designing the house. The Canadian developer wants the house to be around 12,000 square feet. The location is along the Intracoastal Waterway and has plenty of room for a gigantic dock.

Dumoulin plans to begin demolition of the existing house after the first of the year.

Canadian snowbirds have traditionally found Fort Lauderdale and Broward County attractive for second homes. This has led to more of Canada’s largest business owners buying homes in South Florida.

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