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New York Eviction Ban Makes Air Force Veteran Landlord Homeless Because Tenants Exploit Pandemic Eviction Ban 

Eviction Ban
Carla McArthur is one of Brandie LaCasse’s deadbeat tenants who owe LaCasse $23,000 in back rent, McArthur has been exploiting the eviction ban.

The New York eviction ban has forced a Air Force veteran landlord in New York to live out of her car.

Brandie LaCasse has been unable to collect rents from the tenants of her three properties. The tenants refused to pay rent for over a year and are using the pandemic as an excuse.  In addition, she is unable to to evict them due to the state and federal moratoriums.

LaCasse claims her tenants owe her more than $23,000 in unpaid rent. She has also not received rental assistance funds from the government. CBS News reports at least one of her tenants was approved for rental help. 

As a result, LaCasse and her daughter have been left homeless. She relied on the rental income to support her and her daughter. The single mother and her daughter have been living out of her car or staying with friends.

LaCasse claimed she had notified her tenants that they needed to move out so that she could move in after they decided to stop paying her rent. However, the federal and NYS eviction bans prevented LaCasse from doing so.

The New York Eviction Ban Gives Deadbeat Tenants A Free Ride

New York State approved Carla McArthur for rental assistance. However, she refused to pay LaCasse with it. McArthur expressed her sympathies for the landlord’s position. She told CBS News that she can’t pay rent because of the high costs for childcare for her daughter and autistic son.

McArthur claims she and her family have contracted Covid-19 multiple times:

I feel bad that I have not been able to pay her. We’ve gone from two incomes. I had COVID-19 twice. My kids all have had it once. My husband’s had it once.

McArthur said she worries that her family will be evicted when the moratorium ends.  Thus, leaving her and her family homeless in the process.

Landlords Are Getting The Shaft By Tenants And The State During The Eviction Ban

LaCasse’s situation represents the current  state for many landlords across the country. 

The state of New York has only doled out about 8% of the $2.6 billion federally allotted for the rental assistance to landlords.

The federal government promised landlords nearly $47 billion in federal rental assistance to offset their losses. However, that has been slow to materialize. The federal government has only released $3 billion of the first tranche of $25 billion it had earmarked to help landlords.

Landlords also point to tenants who received paychecks throughout the pandemic but didn’t pay rent or bother to file for rental assistance. Others point to delinquent tenants who they claim still managed to drive a luxury car, get food deliveries or go on vacation.

This Article Originally Appeared On MFI-Miami On 9/6/2021

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